Can AI Design Your Website?

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There has been so much talk about AI and how it will affect the website design industry.  Should website designers be nervous about this?  In my opinion, not yet. You see, website designers have already had access to thousands of pre-made templates.  Yet still, I never use them.  I do however look at some templates […]

Limit Login Attempts

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There is a plugin installed on your website called Limit Login Attempts.  This is to prevent hackers from figuring out your login information.  They can try a couple of times, but then this plugin locks them out for a long period of time.  Hopefully they get frustrated and move onto doing something better with their […]

Update those Plugins!

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Some of my clients have chosen to maintain their own websites.  Part this process requires them to run the updates to the various plugins that are used for their website.  A typical build on one of my websites uses about 7 unique plugins.  In addition, each website uses a Theme which also requires updating on […]

Mobile Friendly Restaurant Menus

Grilled Chicken in a bowl

During this challenging time of the Corona virus, I’m ordering restaurant delivery more than usual, usually on my iPhone.  And I’m shocked and surprised at how so many restaurants websites are still using PDFs for their food menus, which are useless on a smartphone. Still using PDFs?! Some restaurants have very large food menus, and […]

Automatic WordPress Backups

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Because WordPress websites are the most popular design platform, they are also the most vulnerable to hacking.  If your site does get hacked, your only solution is to restore the database from a backup. But what if you don’t a backup? Do I really need a backup? Some of my clients have taken on the […]

Open Graph Tags (og tags)

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Open Graph or og tags, are meta tags that live behind the scenes of a single page or multiple pages in your website.  They perform a different task than the other meta tags in your website.  There are other meta tags designed for search engine ranking and optimization, but these og tags are designed for […]

Avoid the Image Carousel

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You’ve seen them many times.  The image carousels.  Those big images at the top of the homepage, that change every few seconds, or when you click on the little arrows to advance to the next image.  These were a cool thing years ago, when a homepage consisted of only this carousel and a footer.  But […]

Mobile Friendly?

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Is your website mobile friendly? The percentage of users visiting websites with their smartphones has already surpassed those using desktop computers. If your website is not mobile friendly, you are losing business. Plain and simple. If a website is NOT mobile friendly, users will quickly jump to a site that IS and take their business there. […]

Why Switch to WordPress

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The WordPress platform has been around for many years, but has now become the premiere platform for all website design.  Over the past year, there have been significant improvements to WordPress, along with the introduction of revolutionary new software, that makes this platform much more advanced than anything available up to this point. Since the […]

SSL – Do you need it?

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You may have received a phone call from your web hosting provider about adding an SSL Certificate to your website. I got the same call, so just wanted to try and simplify this in case it was confusing. Google is pushing hard to make all websites listed with them, “secure,” meaning they are encrypted, which […]