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Update those Plugins!

Some of my clients have chosen to maintain their own websites.  Part this process requires them to run the updates to the various plugins that are used for their website.  A typical build on one of my websites uses about 7 unique plugins.  In addition, each website uses a Theme which also requires updating on a regular basis.  And let’s not forget about WordPress itself, which released updates regularly.

How often should plugins be updated?

The software developers of these plugins, release updates at least once a month on average.  They release new versions for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes includes new features, which increase the quality and speed of what we can design.  But sometimes the new version contains a security fix.  Hackers are always looking for ways to exploit any weaknesses in these plugins, which may allow them to take over your website and lock you out.  So given that knowledge, I recommend updating the plugins at least once a month.

If you do not update these plugins, some bad things will occur.  As if missing a new great feature was not enough, or if losing your site completely to a hacker doesn’t keep you up at night, there is the strong possibility the plugins themselves will get so out of date that the entire site may stop functioning completely.  And if you don’t have a current backup of the site, it may be lost forever.

Considering the time and cost invested in creating a website, we need to take care of it and maintain it like we do with so many other things in our lives.  A database is a fragile entity that need tending to from time to time.

I will be happy to take over the maintenance of your plugins once your site is launched.  I will go in every month and run any updates that are required.  These updates can be plugins, Themes, or the WordPress application itself.  Bottom line is your site will stay healthy and working perfectly.

Please contact me for pricing.