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Limit Login Attempts

There is a plugin installed on your website called Limit Login Attempts.  This is to prevent hackers from figuring out your login information.  They can try a couple of times, but then this plugin locks them out for a long period of time.  Hopefully they get frustrated and move onto doing something better with their lives.

Although you may get emails that someone has attempted to log into your site and has been locked out, rest assured that they are not getting in.  Let me know if you’d like me to turn these email alerts off so you don’t have to see them. I can also set this alert email to come to me instead.

We always use a password with a super high degree of difficulty when setting up WordPress on your server.  No hacking software that will ever guess this, especially when they only have a limited number of attempts before they are locked out.

One question I’m asked frequently is, “what happens when a website DOES get hacked?”

Worst case is, the hacker changes the website to point to another website, usually an adult site.  They then change your password.  Then they send a request for money using one of the many crypto currencies.

I just want to emphasize here, this has NEVER happened to any of the websites I have worked on for the past 25 years.  Plus, we can always log into the website through the backdoor of your main hosting account, remove any malicious code or redirection urls, and change the password.

Update those plugins!

One of the ways a website becomes vulnerable is by letting plugins go out of date.  Your website uses a number of plugins, like apps, that need to be updated on a regular basis.  The most important reason to run the updates is, the manufacturer has discovered a security vulnerability and releases an update that will fix that issue.

If I am updating your plugins, like I do for many of my customers, I run the updates frequently to make sure everything is all up to date and buttoned up.

Because WordPress is the most popular website building platform, it makes sense that it will also be the most hacked.  But if we stay on top of those plugin updates, and make sure we have a great password, your odds of getting hacked are very very slim.