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Automatic WordPress Backups

Because WordPress websites are the most popular design platform, they are also the most vulnerable to hacking.  If your site does get hacked, your only solution is to restore the database from a backup. But what if you don’t a backup?

Do I really need a backup?

Some of my clients have taken on the task of updating their own websites.  Economically, this is a great thing for the client and saves them from hiring me for every little edit they need done.  But sometimes they do something to the site that completely breaks the database, and the entire website goes down. Before I launch your website, I make a backup of your database and keep it in a local file, so we can always reinstall this version of the website.  But what if it’s a year old?  Or more??  All the edits that the client has done to the site for that period of time are simply lost.

Use a backup plugin

I can install a plugin on your WordPress website that will upload a backup of your entire database to another location at predetermined intervals.  First, we need to find a location to back up to.  Google Drive is a popular one because it’s free with your account.  We never use the same server that your website is running on, because if something happens to that server, your backup will be lost as well.  Then we set the plugin to run at whatever interval seems right for you.  We can set it to run every day, once a month, or anything in between.

So now you have peace of mind knowing that if something happens to your website, be it a programming error or a hacking incident, you’ll be able to reinstall your website within a few minutes to a current version.