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Why Switch to WordPress

The WordPress platform has been around for many years, but has now become the premiere platform for all website design.  Over the past year, there have been significant improvements to WordPress, along with the introduction of revolutionary new software, that makes this platform much more advanced than anything available up to this point.

Since the beginning of 2019, any of our new website projects have been designed using WordPress. We will still be supporting and editing websites that were created prior to this, which still use HTML, CSS and Bootstrap. If you already have a website designed by us in Bootstrap, you’re in great shape to have us convert your site to WordPress, if you choose to do this.

Edit your own website!

Until now, when a client wanted to edit their own website, they would need to be familiar with programming languages such as HTML, CSS and Bootstrap, as well as download and maintain Adobe software and learn about graphics processing.  This was very challenging, time consuming and expensive.  With WordPress, you simply log into the back end of your website using a browser, and edit it as you would any Word document.  Then just click “save” and you’re done!

This also means that you can edit your website from ANYWHERE you have access to ANY computer.  The entire website and the software, lives on an external server, NOT on your local computer.

Design Flexibility

Prior to WordPress, designing websites was much more challenging, because every item on your website page required complex programming.  With WordPress, those changes are made simply by dragging a slider, and shows the updates in real-time so you can instantly see exactly how they will look to the user.  This saves time during development as well as maintenance, making for a better investment.

WordPress also shows how your webpage will look on a tablet or a phone, allowing you to make adjustments based on these views.  Maybe you’d like to change the size of an image just for smartphone view.  No problem!  Just drag the little slider until it’s exactly the size you want.

Plugins Galore!

There are tremendous amounts of plugins available for WordPress to accomplish any task you could possibly think of.  Think of them like apps on a phone.  There are now no limitations as to what you can now do with your website.  We only use the most popular plugins, which have been tested and are secure.  The use of plugins ensures that your website will be able to expand as your business grows.  Ready to add ecommerce to your website?  Yup, there’s a great plugin for that.  Want to show your Instagram feed right on your website?  No problem.  Just add the Instagram plugin and voila!

Google Friendly

If search engine ranking is important to your business, converting to WordPress is another way to help your ranking.  Google loves WordPress sites.  One item Google looks for when considering the ranking position of your website, is how often your website has been edited.  WordPress provides a super simple way of adding new content to your website through blog posts.  This is a great method of sharing new information with your visitors, at the same time letting Google know what you are continually providing new content to your website.

Make it Move!

Another great feature of WordPress is being able to quickly add movement to any items on your webpage.  As the user scrolls down the page, we can make text or images fly in, fade up, slide out or do one of the other many movement options.  It makes the page feel more alive and gives the visitor a more fun experience.

Is your current site WordPress ready?

If we have already designed a website for you, odds are that the entire content of your website is already optimized for WordPress.  We can literally take your current design, text, images, and convert them all to the WordPress format, allowing you to take advantage of this great new technology.

Contact us for a quote to convert your website to WordPress!