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Designing your own website?

Why you shouldn’t design your own website.

I get quite a few clients that come to me with a website they’ve tried to design themselves. They’ve put a tremendous amount of time and energy into it, and either it doesn’t work at all, or they’re just not happy with it.

Just because these tools are available to you, doesn’t mean it’s the right move to use them. Designing a website is a very steep and frustrating learning curve for someone who has never done it. Even with these do-it-yourself tools that are supposedly so easy to use.

When you hire a designer like me, you’re getting 20 years of experience in all types of areas including logos, page layout, branding, information architecture, video, image optimization, etc. When I design a site for you, I’m bringing all that to the table. Your site will be visually stunning, have a fast response time, and be effective for your business.

There is a tremendous thought process that goes into building a great website. It’s not easy and don’t get fooled into thinking it is.