SSL – Do you need it?

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You may have received a phone call from your web hosting provider about adding an SSL Certificate to your website. I got the same call, so just wanted to try and simplify this in case it was confusing. Google is pushing hard to make all websites listed with them, “secure,” meaning they are encrypted, which […]

Designing your own website?

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Why you shouldn’t design your own website. I get quite a few clients that come to me with a website they’ve tried to design themselves. They’ve put a tremendous amount of time and energy into it, and either it doesn’t work at all, or they’re just not happy with it. Just because these tools are […]


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Years ago, putting your email address on the “contact” page was a convenient way for customers to reach you. Then spammers found a way to grab your email address from the page, add it to their list, and use it to send you tons of spam. So we now use a “contact form” where the […]