Getting Started

Before we begin

Before we get off to the races, let’s just go over a few things that will help keep your project consistently moving forward and staying on time and on budget.


Response time is very important for both of us, when building your website. Once those wheels are put in motion, it is very important to keep the communication going. We will be reaching out to you with requests for various materials to be included in the website and we need those requests addressed in a timely manner, so we can keep our momentum.

Where we begin...

The very first step to starting your website, is to allow us connection to the server on which your website will be hosted. You will need to provide us with these credentials so we can connect to the control panel of your hosting server.  We can also help you secure a web hosting account if you don’t already have one.  Choosing the right one can be very important to the performance of your website.

WordPress installation
The next step is for us to install the WordPress application as well as other plugins, to your hosting server. If you already have a public website, we can leave this untouched and build your new website in a background area. When the new site is done, we simply replace the old website with the new one.

The first step to creating your website is to determine what it will include. Envision your navigation bar at the top and think about what it should include. One example would be:
Home, About Us, Gallery, Videos, Contact

Please send us your logo in high resolution format, preferably with transparency. We may need to place your logo over a color or an image, so it is important to have a transparent version. Please let us know if you need help with creating a logo.

Text content
Please provide us the text content for your website in either Microsoft Word or in Email text. This allows us to copy and paste the text into your website without having to retype it. Please do not send a photo scan of your text content.

Many of the images we will be using on your website will be large and sometimes fill the entire screen. For these images to look clear and crisp, please make sure you provide us with high resolution images that are at least 1920 pixels wide.

Stock images
There are many websites that offer beautiful stock images, and some are even free. Here are 2 great choices…

  1. – There are 2 types of images on iStock: Essentials and Signature. Essentials are $12 each and Signatures are $36 each.
  2. – This is a great source of free stock images. You can just download them and use them with no restrictions.

The best way to integrate video into your website is to first upload those videos to YouTube. We then “embed” those videos into your website. This is the best method because the physical video file lives on YouTube and not on your server. Video files take up substantial space and can become costly to host on your server. Plus, with YouTube, you gain the benefits of social media sharing as well as comments.

Let's begin!

Thank you for reading this page.  We are now ready to begin your project!  We are very excited to begin creating an absolutely beautiful, stunning and amazing website for you.