Plugin Updates

What are plugins?

Your website was built on the WordPress platform, which requires various “plugins” to make everything work together. Each site we build uses between 5 and 12 plugins.  Think of them like apps on your phone.  Some of these plugins can include:

  • Page Builder applications
  • Search Engine Ranking software
  • Meta Tag managers
  • Security & Privacy applications
  • Forms and Payment functionality
WordPress blue graphic
Cyber security graphic

Hacker Target

Because WordPress is the most popular platform for website design, it has become the biggest target for hackers. Your website uses a few security measures, as well as a plugin which limits the number of times a user can attempt to log in. When their attempts fail, we receive an email notifying us along with that users IP address. We then block that IP address from ever logging into your website again!

Monthly Updates

The plugins on your website should be updated at least once per month to ensure your website keeps running properly and most importantly, keep it safe from hackers. There are also other applications that need to be updated, such as PHP and WordPress itself, for when it releases updates to its base software.

Screen with website code

Our Solution

We offer plugin updates as a service to our clients, because the updates can get tricky, especially if something goes wrong. The updates need to be done in a certain order, which we are very familiar with from doing it so often.

We also monitor the Facebook groups of these various plugins to stay informed as to when updates are coming, and when we might want to delay updating for a short period because of incompatibilities with other plugins.

We charge a small monthly fee for this service, and simply bill your credit card each month this set amount. This way there are no invoices or payments to deal with.

We hope you’ll allow us to provide this service for you!